Is Your Bottom Dirty?

No matter what kind of vessel you run: power or sail, with fuel costing what it does and optimum performance always a good thing, it literally pays to keep your bottom clean. This means not only the hull, but your foils (rudders, keels, skegs) and running gear (props, shafts, struts). In fact the hardest parts to keep clean are the most important; propellers and rudders. Usually these are bare metal, but even if painted they are susceptible to fouling. Any significant hard growth which translates to anything more than a very few barnacles on a propeller will have a significant effect on a boat’s performance. So those barnacles get top priority. 

So…what are the benefits of Boat and Yacht Masters of Florida keeping your bottom clean? There are several that should be considered: 

  • Our services are cheaper than dry-docking your boat.
  • Our services will increase boat speed
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Reduced re-anti fouling cost
  • Help prevent engine overheating due to clogged intakes
  • Reduce vibration in running gear caused by growth

Boat and Yacht Masters of Florida is committed to preserving the investment you have made into your vessel by using the least aggressive method to maintain the cleanliness of your bottom.