Zinc Inspections

Zinc inspections & Replacement

When propellers, rudders, shafts, nuts, and trim tabs are placed in saltwater, they will begin to corrode by the act of galvanic corrosion or electrolysis if not protected. Zincs installed on a vessel are considered “Sacrificial Anodes”. This is because they will sacrifice themselves (deplete / corrode) over time in order to protect other underwater metal components. Zinc is a metal which is less noble than other metals like brass. Therefore, when placed in electrical contact with a more noble metal, it will act as an anode, and give up its ions more readily than the metal it is in contact with.

Frequent zinc inspections are necessary to determine if replacement is required in order to keep the vessels components from depleting or corroding themselves. Boat and Yacht Masters of Florida inspects the condition of all zincs during any underwater service and if replacement is required, can supply zincs from our inventory.